Welcome In...

Welcome In...
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Parrothead Politics

If this blog seems a bit, oh I don't know, sarcastic, I'm sorry.

I just bit my tongue and I'm very very mad about it.

You know that feeling? It's usually a quick but fleeting anger.... wait.... uhhh, yeah... nevermind, it's gone. I'm happy again.

Anyway, there's an untapped resource of potential republican voters. They are the Parrotheads that are flocking around my TV station tonight. 

First Coast News is located right next door to the arena where Jimmy Buffett is playing tonight. 

That means colorful folk hanging 'round the premises. 

I'm a topical guy. I enjoy events happening currently... you could call me a current-eventsmith. I talked to some of the Parrotheads about Republican politics and the Florida primary specifically tonight. And I must say, overall it went down smooth and had a nice finish. 

So you may be asking: "What the heck?" 

Believe me, I asked that too. But, it made for some funny responses when asking a guy with a full beer funnel if he prefers the far right leanings of Newt Gingrich to the more moderate appeal of Mitt Romney.

Actually, this guy with the funnel said he was voting for Donald Trump because he's a "political outsider." 

He has a point, Trump is so far outside he's not even on the ballot. 

Trump apparently won't be playing the "Good Ole Boy" style of politics by refusing to have people have a way to vote for him.

That's serious.

Turns out the beer funnel guys isn't an American citizen. He's actually from Norway in town to see Jimmy Buffett. So he can't vote anyway.

So what did I learn today:

1. If you start talking political issues at a drunken tailgate party and throw a couple thumbs up, some will think you're an actual candidate for president and will want to take your picture. I made 3 campaign promises and think I'll get at least 2 votes after the ballots are tabulated tonight.

2. Carrying a video camera and tripod around a Parrothead Party is just asking for debauchery. You don't even have to open your mouth. Don't say a word. Just set your camera and tripod up (microphone adds even more) and see what people will say to you. It'll make you re-think logic and the things you learned in grade school.

3. Politics and Buffett don't mix. But tequila and lime juice do apparently, that's all anyone was drinking. 

Here's the video from my lessons today:

Anyway, have a great night everyone... I'll be glued to First Coast News tonight to see if Donald Trump managed to pull off an incredible upset in Florida.


Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Not A Boat... It's a yacht

I love boats.

In fact (I'm looking down my reading glasses) I was a certified, bone-a-fide, sea captain for an early part of my life.

Not fair to call this a boat though:

 That's 223 feet of floating awesome. Owned, I'm told by a person who seemed trustworthy, by Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan.

This sweet sweet piece of boat docked itself in front of the Jacksonville Hyatt Friday morning.

Listen, Fridays are always awesome across the board, but imagine how much more awesome Fridays are when you're pulling into downtown J-burg in this.

I wasn't allowed on. I asked, they laughed... kinda like when everyone laughed at the poor man in the All Fruit Commercials.

It wasn't hard to find info on this yacht online... apparently the "Kismet" is held in the highest regard even among other huge yacht owners.

Here's a link that gives much more info on the boat... and a lot more awesome pictures from places I could not go.


I did not spot Mr. Khan today. From one boater to the next, I'd like to give him a silent nod of approval from across a very crowded room... he'd know exactly what I was talking about. We wouldn't even need to speak.

Me on my boat with my "crew"...