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Welcome In...
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

All this talk about how much everyone HATES the new facebook stuff makes me LSHIF**

It's friggin hilarious.

I screencapped some of the facebook statuses that I came across randomly. These aren't necessarily my favorites I've seen, they're just the first I came upon. There are tons of these hilarious pics...

I saw one that was the old Calvin cartoon... but instead of him peeing on a Chevy symbol, or a Jeff Gordon 24, he was peeing on a sign that said "Facebook Changes."


Hahaha... sorry, i can't help but chuckle and then transcribe that chuckle here in the text of this blog.

Let's be honest, facebook has changed some many times since it was "Thefacebook.com"... remember that? It had a "The" in front of it.

And with every change, we all get so mad. And rightfully so... I'm so angry I haven't even really noticed what the changes are. But I'm sure they're oppressive.

So what would happen if we all just boycotted Facebook? What are our alternatives? Myspace? Well, if that's the case that poses a bit of a problem for me and my long term memory, which is the topic of today's Turnerloose VLOG:

A. Good points.
B. How 'bout those sweet opening credits, high quality. I'm putting that on every Turnerloose Video for the rest of time.



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