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Welcome In...
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Odd Policy...

Sometimes I'm not quite sure where my brain gets off track. One minute I'm dead focused on something, doing an interview with a nice guy who owns an insurance company.

The next minute I suddenly find myself in the mustache section of a Beach Blvd costume store.

How did I get from a story about odd insurance policies ((all started with this gem about Holly Madison getting a $1million on her chest)), to full blown in medias res of me in a 1980s mustache?

A screen cap from a portion of my video shoot today

This is a potential problem.

A superior told me I was "toeing the line" today. I agree... my theory is it's always easier to dial it back than to amp it up.

So I need to get my head straight I think, any suggestions would be much appreciated... in the meantime... here's a little something extra from my video shoot today... the point was, well, I guess the point was I was a jerk with a mustache and I fire a guy, he rips off my 'stache and I lose everything b/c of it. Therefore, I realize today that I should have had mustache insurance: for this to make any sense you'll have to click here for the original story.

These are just some raw moments with my co-worker Paul, not really an edited story line... just something to check out if you'd like:

Today was a lot of fun. If my desk isn't cleaned out on Monday, I'll write another blog then.

Talk to you next week,

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