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Welcome In...
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Want A Lot of Youtube Views? Teach your donkey to sing...

The things that people look at on Youtube are hilarious.

I could stand in front of a camera, and using my classically trained and honed thespian abilities perform Iago's monologue from Othello Act 2 Scene 3.

I'd get 8 Youtube views.


That was my day's work, hanging with the lady whose donkey can sing. I told her story for the 5:30pm news, but there was some stuff that didn't make the air, namely our attempts at making the donkey sing again.

Here's that effort:

Here's her full singing donkey story... including a little on why the donkey has a lot to be singing about:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking The Browns To The Super Bowl

In the news biz ((look at me, all big and bad saying "news biz." HA!)) the Friday before the Super Bowl is intense. Especially if your station is the one with the game.

First Coast News has the Super Bowl.

 I'll be watching from either the chair or the couch in my house. Maybe both at different points of the night. Who knows. 

But so many folks are going to embrace the passion of the wild... and head to a sports bar.

I talked to a guy named George today, he owns Players Grille on Hendricks... he expects to triple business Sunday.


That's awesome. And just shows how huge of a business the pro football thing is... even in Jacksonville, with no real hometown rooting interest in the game, places are going to be raking in the cash.

I may contribute to that, by purchasing a case of Pepsi and some dip. 

Here's the contribution to television I made today... my take on the ole "are you ready for the Super Bowl" story that floats around year-to-year:

Here's a little something extra, folks tripling their biz on Sunday:

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the Super Bowl... most of all: be safe!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"It's a bloodbath and I'm the rubber duck"

That's a line I'll never forget.

I was 13, pitching in a county league baseball game, losing by 13 runs.

As I took the mound in relief, in what I think was the first time I ever pitched in a game, my coach shouted from the dugout: "It's a bloodbath and I'm the rubber duck."

I laughed the entire inning, recorded three straight strikeouts and secured my spot in the starting rotation.

That story popped in my head today while thinking about the "Great Battle of the Radar" here in Jacksonville.



First Coast News RADAR

Those are the only two in town. We use our own to track systems, the rest of the broadcasting and weather world uses NWS.

The NWS RADAR is fine... in fact it's great. It takes info from several vertical tilts and creates a nice volume scan for us to use and show storms in 3-D. 

We change the tilts on our radar manually and do not get a full volume scan... however our data comes in immediately. NWS required a couple of minutes to go through their full scans. Hence our "Two Minute Advantage."

We can see cells moving along with our sweep in real time. However, the NWS RADAR looks is a bit more herky-jerky, as cells appear to jump across the screen every couple minutes.


BLOODBATH... and I'm just floating around in the madness.

Now, from February 13-26 NWS RADAR will be taken offline for some awesome upgrades. They're going to a dual polarity radar, which is totally awesome and will be very helpful. However, ours will still be the only live RADAR... in fact, during the days NWS is offline, our Doppler will be the only one in town.

That's just a heads up as we get closer to severe weather season. We can get severe storms anytime here in North Florida, but as we get into February we could see more build up. 

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